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Hi! My name is Emma Bilbrey. I own & run Hickory Hills Flower Farm with tons of help from my family & friends.


An inkling of my desire to farm began as I grew up working on my grandparents' strawberry farm in Ohio & gardening with my family. Then, in 2016 we grew flowers for my own wedding. After finishing undergrad & then a graduate program at The Ohio State University in the Horticulture and Crop Science department, I realized I wanted to return to growing flowers.


Right before the pandemic hit in 2020, a dream began of creating a local business that would support the NWI community I grew up in & be a place where my grandkids might work one day.


Now starting year 5, I want to continue to be a good steward of the land & bring more beauty to people's attention.

The goal at Hickory Hills Flower Farm is to use sustainable methods to grow top-quality cut flowers to use in our own seasonal designs with the mindset that our community should have access to fresh, eco-friendly, bespoke floral design.

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